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Want to get away from the stifling city life? Beachfront vacation rentals in Costa Rica are your best chance to get a breather. They offer a plethora of benefits including uniqueness, savings, space and most importantly, excellent weather. These and many other attractive aspects make beach vacation rentals Costa Rica a destination for millions of travelers around the world.

That notwithstanding, vacation rentals are better than hotels. Given that they range from enviable condos and cabins to beach homes and villas, they’re simply incomparable. Hotels are a far cry from what beach front vacation rentals can offer. Then again, they are popular with families looking to vacation together – away from the confines of their homes or even hotels.

Here’s why you should consider beachfront vacation rentals Costa Rica:

More Value for Your Money

Beach vacation rentals offer more value to travelers than hotels. In fact, most travelers prefer vacation rentals to hotels. Why? They’re relatively affordable, exclusive privacy, you save a lot. The same cannot be said of hotels. You’re likely to spend less on vacation rentals, leaving you with enough pocket change to cater other travelling expenses. Vacation rentals are roomy, too.

Spacious Room for Everyone to Enjoy

Vacation rentals are roomier than most hotel rooms you can think of. And a spacious room is the reason a traveler would find it reasonable, prudent even, to stay at a vacation rental than in a hotel. The latter can have an average of 2.7 bedrooms. Meaning you can have enough space to spread out your vacationing with your family and friends. More room is always better.

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