Some of the greatest investment opportunities in property are in Costa Rica. With dozens of properties listing every week for investing. Some of them are great deals!
The tricky part is the best deals everywhere in Costa Rica sell fast, so there’s no dilly-dallying if you want to nab one. For that reason, we keep a list of people who are interested in investment opportunities so we can alert them when we find something noteworthy.

Do you have a potential investment property in Costa Rica for us to consider?

Maybe you have an opportunity you’d like to share with us. We are always happy to take a look at those.

The types of deals we like the most:

Distressed situations (either a distressed property or distressed seller) where cash is needed for a quick sale, and the properties are available at a discount from market value.
Properties with a verifiable rental history (short-term like Airbnb, or long-term tenancies).
“The ugliest house on the nicest street” where we could do some remodeling work with the owner.
Entire apartment buildings.
Raw Lands for development
Residential House
Vacation rental on sale
Commercial properties

Are you interested in learning about deals when we find them, or do you have a deal you’d like us to consider? Please contact us below.